WATCH VIDEO – Female Teacher Causes Massive Stir After Spotted Wearing [email protected] Attire Teaching In Classroom

Teaching is a very honourable profession seeing as they contribute to the growth and enlightenment of people in the society.

In Ghana for instance, a teacher is easily noticed by his or her stern look as they hold a menacing looking stick meant for punishing offenders.

Their ʋptight outfit also does nothing to assure the students that studying is fun. Most teachers seem to throw caution to the wind with their attires as they make one think of a matron on a bad day.

Some female teachers also seem to have made oversized skirts and old shoes their uniform while the men seem to have a love for oversize trousers cinched at the stomach with a belt.

Well, a female teacher has been called out for attire being a distraction to ‘young boys’.

The teacher, who teaches kids, went to the class dressed as if she was going for a night party.

Netizens condemned her outfit that exposed her thighland and called her out for setting a bad example to the pupils.

Watch the video below :