(video)Nigerian lady brutalized by her father for practicing lesbianism

A young girl believed to be a lesbian has been viciously attacked by her father and family members after she was caught.

In a video, the young girl was been strangled by her father after he found out about his daughter’s sexuality.

Her other family members also joined the father in mercilessly beating the young girl for practicing lesbianism.

The video also captured the moment the young girl was having a romantic moment with her lesbian partner.

The young couple was seen affectionately kissing each other in bed.

Watch the video below;

The law in Nigeria prohibits all forms of homosexual activities and prescribes up to 14 years imprisonment for those found culpable.

This disturbing video has received mixed reactions from social media users.

Read some comments below;

amarho7 wrote; “Sometimes we need to consider the families we come from. So parents in this part of the world will rather die than watch their children practice such”.

precious_ibini noted; “They want to remove the spirit of lesbianism in her”.

enpreshcollections added; “She forgot she got an African parents”.

olufunmiii stated; “She is who she is. The beating won’t change anything. Quite sad”.

kingkazzy added; “This is totally uncalled for”.

nene_george commented; “They wanna beat out the spirit of lesbianism from her body??. An African parents will use beating and reset your s*exual orientation ?”.