[Video] Man steals sachets of cerelac and hides them in his pants

A middle-aged man has been busted after stealing seven sachets of cerelac when he thought no one was watching.

The incident reportedly occurred at the Accra Mall on Friday, October 8, 2021.

A viral video captured how the man, whose identity was not immediately known, was accosted by some witnesses who were convinced he committed the crime.

He was handed over to two policemen who conducted a thorough search on him for the products.

They removed his belt as part of the search only to discover the cerelac in his trousers.

A man, who appeared angry, was heard in the background saying people embark on the act often but are never caught.

Another narrated he suspected a foul play looking at his demeanour upon arrival at the shop, and not long afterwards, cerelac was found on him.

Watch the video attached for more: