Update: Ghc150 for 6 points shall be deducted from teachers CPD allowance for NTC CPD Points – Read Full Details

NTC CPD Point Building Review- Ghc150 for 6 points shall be deducted from teachers CPD allowance. Below are the details

Reference is made to the three meetings held to discuss the Teacher Unions’ petition for the review of teacher CPD framework as the Unions seek to lessen the burden of teachers regarding the number of CPDs, their accompanying points and cost.

At the final meeting, which was held on 13th July 2023 between NTC and GES on one hand the Tencher Unions comprising GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT-GH on the other, the following were agreed upon:

A. CPD programmes shall be restructured into four categories including PLLCs, National CPD days, Targeted and specialised CPD and Recommended or Self-initiated CPD.

B. All teachers, irrespective of their ranks shall attend seven (7) CPDs per year and a minimum of eight (8) PLCs per term to accrue twenty (20) CPD points.

C. The twenty points for the year shall be sourced from the following four (4) categories:

i. PLC which shall earn the teacher six (6) points, This shall be provided free of charge by the employer.

ii. National CPD days which shall earn the teacher 6 points at GHC 150 for three different trainings. The cost shall be borne by the employee and shall be deducted at source from their CPD allowance.

iii. Targeted and Specialised CPDs which shall earn the teacher 4 points. This shall be
provided by a CPD Service Provider at a fee.

iv. Two (2) Recommended or Self-initiated CPDs which shall earn the teacher 4 points.
This shall be provided by partners such as Unions, World Bank, UNICEF, and other
NGOs. These are usually free.

D. At the point of implementation, all points already accrued by teachers shall be spread over a period of three years as Self-Initiated and Specialised CPDs. However, such teachers shall attend all PLCs and National CPD days.


1. The cost of organising all the PLCs shall be carried out by the employer.

2. The cost of the three (3) National CPD days trainings shall be done by the employee at a subsidized rate of GHCI50.00.

3. The cost of the two (2) Targeted or Specialised CPDs shall be carried out by the employee.

4. The cost of the recommended or self-initiated CPD may be free or carried out by the employee depending on the origin of the facilitating organisation.

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