Two Teenagers Who Murdered The 10 Year Old Boy at Kasoa Dropped Another Secret!

The emerging revelation on the Kasoa teen murder happens to befalls on ‘Money Doublers” which appeared to have triggered their action.

Following the Kasoa incident where two teenagers were arrested for murdering two teenagers per the police report today.

The two teenagers have dropped more tough secrets on what led them to commit that murder.

According to the two Nicholas Kini, 19, and Felix Nyarko, 18 years after watching some of the Mallams and the fetish priests on television they took their number.

They called some of the priests and they were told to send any amount of money they have and it will be multiplied. So, in case they send 100 cedis they will get 1000 cedis.

They sent 200 cedi’s and after five minutes they called the number and the line was off. They have called most of the priests and they didn’t give them any proper response.

Until they saw one who claims to be from Benin. They contact him, and he instructed them what they should do which led to the killing of the ten-year-old boy.

According to the police, they have tried to call all the numbers they retrieve from the teenagers but none of them is going through and they register with a valid Identity card.

According to the report from Kasoa divisional police Command, Sergent Evans Anti speaking with Adom FM revealed they are trying all means to arrest those related to this case.

He added the society should offer their support with any information that will help them to arrest the fetish priest related to this.

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