The Powerful Healing Effects of ‘Nyanya’- Bitter Melon

My sister recently introduced me to some powerful leaves that contain highly potent healing powers for most common ailments. It’s botanically called Momordica Charantia- but known commonly as bitter melon or bitter gourd.

The Akans call it ‘Nyanya’ whereas Gas call it ‘Nyanyra.’ These leaves are used to treat cholera, anemia, diarrhea blood diseases, bronchitis, gout, dysentery, gonorrhea rheumatism, ulcer, colic, worms, disease of liver and spleen, cancer and diabetes according to the information my sister gave me which I later corroborated with the help of the internet.

Apparently the juice of Momordica Charantia is used to treat piles totally. Momordica charantia is also used as a blood purifier due to its bitter tonic properties. My sister told me she uses it to bath to ward off evil spirits. I asked her where she got that idea from to which she said it’s a cultural practice of our tribe which has been handed down from generation to generation.

According to research I made about these wonderful leaves, they actually used in Ghana for the treatment of hypertension, cut wounds, measles, otitis media and chicken pox. The climbing stem is used for the relief of dysentery, helminthiasis and abdominal pains. The whole plant is used for diabetes, dracontiasis, infective hepatitis and abdominal pains. They are used for dermatitis and malaria. The ariel parts are used to treat septicemia while the fruits are used for treating wounds, whitlow, as contraceptive and to treat diabetes mellitus.

Among the Yorubas of Nigeria, the decoction of Momordica charantia is used to treat malaria and in Senegal, the leaves are indicated for fever, whilst the fruits and leaves are used against itchy skin conditions such as scabies.

So basically here’s a summary of its immense health benefits.

– It controls the distress of high blood sugar or diabetes as it contains a plant insulin called hypoglycemic index.

– Bitter gourd is an excellent source of energy. It improves the stamina and sleeping patterns of your body.

– This one improves your eye sight due to its high beta-carotene properties.

– Due to its alcohol intoxication values, bitter melon sorts out a severe hangover problem.

– A regular use of the juice of this veggie helps build a strong immune system and increase its capacity to fight against various infections.

– The consumption of this juice also heals the problems of psoriasis and fungal infections like ring-worm and athleteโ€™s foot.

– Its use gives relief from the respiratory distresses of asthma and bronchitis.

– Due to its toxemia property, bitter guard cleanses toxins from the blood. It also heals the problem of jaundice.

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