Tension At NSUTECH as staff accuses headmistress of killing their school matron

The staff of New Nsutam Senior High Technical School, (NSUTECH) is accusing the headmistress of the school Mrs. Theresa Owiredu of killing their matron MyNewsGh.com report.

The staff is calling for the removal of the headmistress after the death of their Matron which they are accusing the headmistress of having a hand in it.

According to the staff, they find the operation of the headmistress questionable and have leveled against her reasons why Theresa Owiredu must be sacked.

These allegations MyNewsGh.com sighted have been printed and pasted in the Nsutam community with #TheresaOwireduMustGo.Below are the allegations these angry staffs have leveled against her;

  1. Theresa Owiredu, the dictator and authoritarian headmistress.
  2. Theresa Owiredu, the vindictive and punitive headmistress.
  3. Theresa Owiredu, the heartless and unreasonable headmistress.
  4. Theresa Owiredu, the apartheid and divisionist headmistress.
  5. Theresa Owiredu, the super incompetent and mediocre headmistress.
  6. Theresa Owiredu, the short memory and visionless headmistress.
  7. Theresa Owiredu, the enemy of NSUTECH progress.
  8. Theresa Owiredu, the disrespectful and arrogant headmistress.
  9. Theresa Owiredu, the corrupt and treacherous headmistress.

After the allegations, it is written on the flyer that “We are tired of Slavery administration”.

They, therefore, called on the Board of NSUTECH to intervene to fix the numerous agitations.

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