The National Teaching Council (NTC) is expecting all teachers to complete their portfolio by the close of day Thursday 1st December, 2022 before it is submitted for annual review for the 21/2022 academic year.

Pre-tertiary teachers, both in classroom and administration are to log on to their teacher portals(NTC PORTAL) to upload evidence of the following:

  1. Teaching Philosophy
  2. Scheme of learning
  • Alignment of core competencies
  • Alignment of indicators to the curricular indicators
  1. Learning Plans (15 lessons per term)
  2. Evidence of work
  • summarized weekly monitoring tool for 3 years
  • sample learners exercises you have marked and graded
  1. Reflective Practices
  2. Problem identification strategies and intervention Process (Action research)
  3. Evidence of professional development
  • Write up on collaborations
  • Records of training attended
  • Use of technology
  • Recommendations for training
  • A report on core competences
  1. Participating in co-curricula Activities
  2. Evidence of participation in school based activities.
  • Minutes of Formal Meeting attended
  • Evidence of in-service Training workshops CPD
  • Report on core competencies from the mentor
  • Mentor Comments
  • Head Teachers recommendations.
  • Please we encourage (teachers both in administration and in classroom) to log in to their Teachers Portal (NTC Portal) to complete their Portfolio Building for teachers as it is mandatory under the Education Regulatory Act, 2020.
    Thank you

Basic school

  1. All basic head facilitators who intend to organize a School-Based IN-SET/PLC must inform the Municipal Education Directorate through the SISO with details of the schedule.


  1. Subject/Departmental Based IN-SET must be supervised and endorsed by the Headmaster for onward submission and processing.

Requirements for CPD points processing
1.Attendance list

  1. Subject/Topic for
    the IN-SET
  2. Recordings in the Teacher log book
  3. Minutes of IN-SET/PLC
  4. Pictures

Please, take advantage of this and also build your portfolio for free CPD points