Permanent cure for MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS

Permanent cure for MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS
Today, am not just giving you remedy but the permanent cure to any kind of menstrual problem. This remedy may even shrink or melt your fibroid.

How to get rid of it

Get the items you see in the pictures below
Neem tree

How to prepare it

Boil this items in good quantity for about 45 mins.
Now the dosage is very important so pay attention to it well.
The medication is taking for only 5 days period.
Quantity should be between 100ml to 150ml
NOTE!! The medication must start 1 week to your menstrual period even if yours has stopped for long time.
Repeat it three different month.
This medication is not recommend for pregnant women, lactating mother, children under 15years.
For you not to misuse it, I suggest you share to your timeline or save it somewhere for reference.
Don’t forget to share it your with family and friends too.

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