Just In: Owusu Bempah fined gh¢500.00

Owusu Bempah popularly known as “Agbey” a 25 year old young man at Apatim in the Wassa East district of the Western region has been fined GH500.00 by the traditional court at Apatim for having sexual Congress with a dog.

In an interview with Nana Ampomah Anokye the linguist of Apatim, Nana disclosed that after a hard day’s work when he was taking some fresh air, one Kwaku Charles who is a resident and a farmer in the community came to report to him that Owusu Bempah has engaged in sexual congress with a dog in the bush.

“I instructed some men to go and bring Owusu Bempah to me in the house, in no time the messengers returned with him”. After a short interrogations, Owusu Bempah conceded that he has indulged in the act Nana added.
Nana hinted that this is not the maiden act by Owusu as far as sex with animals is concerned.

According to Nana Anokye, having sex with human being in the farm, forest, river side or bush is abomination and a taboo in the community let alone an animal.

The linguist elaborated that the traditional authorities would have to perform a sacred rituals to purify the culprit from any impending wrath of the gods and compensate them to spur the live of Owusu Bempah for his abominable act.

In addition to the GH500.00 fine, the culprit was also slapped with a lamb, one cock, one crate of local eggs and a bottle of “apeteshie”

Call Nana Ampoma Anokye, the Apatim chief’s spokesman on 0243776300

Source: Listowel Aboagye Dacosta

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