Our drinking water is causing teenage pregnancy; it makes men & women sexually active – DCE reveals

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bongo District in the Upper East region has disclosed that the water he and the residents of his district drink is blamable for the rise in teenage pregnancy.

According to Peter Ayinsiba, “the water we drink makes us men sexually active and makes the women highly potent”, so sexual activities are on the increase, which also leads to the upsurge in teenage pregnancy.

He revealed in an interview on Bolgatanga-based Dreamz FM that although there is no scientific backing for the claim that the water they drink stimulates sexual activity, a female nurse confirmed to him that it is true, so he is inclined to believe it.

“Somebody told me a story that the water we drink makes us men sexually active and makes the women highly potent.

“I don’t know the science of it, but a female nurse told me that it’s true. That the water we drink makes us highly potent and makes us the men sexually active. I don’t know the science of it but that is what somebody told me and I am tempted to believe in it,” Peter Ayinsiba told Dreamz FM, an excerpt of which interview is circulating online.

It is not clear if the DCE himself who happens to be the President’s representative in the Bongo district has a personal experience to corroborate the theory of their drinking water being aphrodisiac

He however pleaded with the residents of the district to exercise restraint in their sexual activities and not take advantage of the situation to engage in sexual misbehaviour.

“We are not the only sexually active people in this region- let us restrain ourselves,” he pleaded.

“It is a multifaceted matter and the approaches cannot be one way to solving the problem. The parents have a role to play. The community has a role t play; guidance by teachers for the teenagers who are in school, and we as a government – the local assembly has a role to play.”

Source: newsnowgh.com/