NTC Teachers Portal || Full registration process

1. Visit the NTC registration portal HERE: This can be done with your phone browser or laptop browser. We recommend google chrome for faster access

2. On the NTC registration portal homepage, select register now or select the login on your upper right side if you have already started the process:

The homepage also contains other vital information but our topic for today is about registering for the portal, so we will get straight to the point.

3. New registration: You will be required to select an account type for your registration, ie for teacher or an organization

  • First name: Mostly referred to as your English name or Christian name
  • Last name: Mostly referred to as your surname or family name.
  • Middle name: Any other name apart from your first name or your last name.
  • E-mail address: You are to provide a valid email address preferably the email address you use to register for your Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination. If you are an in service teacher, you can use a valid email address.
  • Password: It advisable to use the password of your email account. Most people tend to change their password when registering for another account but use the same email address to register. You will be asked to confirm your password, ie the password you entered before
  • You will then receive an email from NTC confirming your registration. You may be asked to enter a code during your registration as a two-factor authentication code to help protect your account.(Check your email spam box if it can’t be found in your inbox)
  • Login to your account with the email and password you used in registering.

4. After registration, you will then be asked to fill in your personnal details to complete your profile. The first page is the PERSONAL INFORMATION section. Here you provide details about you such as;

Title: Dr is for people with the highest degree given by university and Mr is for people with a diploma(source). Mrs is for married women and Miss is for single women(not married).

  • First/Last/Other names: Names you used in the registration process.
  • Date of birth/place of birth/hometown: Preferably the ones used in registering the GTLE
  • Current address: Your house number, the traditional hse number is recommended
  • Telephone numbers: It should be active and can be reached at any time.
  • Disability: Tick when you have any physical disability.
  • Date of first appointment & district: For already posted teachers. skip if you are a national service personnel
  • New NSS-teacher-specific: Enter the school you are offering your national service.

5. Passport picture section: You are to upload a passport size picture of you. The picture must have a white background. Is however optional to upload your picture.

6. Certificate upload: This option is also optional but will be required if you are to upgrade yourself as a professional teacher.

To upload, you are required to scan a picture of a signed certificate and the size shouldn’t exceed 5MB

7. Academic history: You are to add details of your academic progress at this section. There are two levels at this stage.

They are the secondary level and the tertiary level. Select the add first academic history button and add your secondary history, save it and add the tertiary academic history.

  • Institution type: This refers to the level you want to add, ie either secondary or tertiary.
  • Institution name: The name of the institution you completed. It should be in full, no shortcut.
  • FROM/TO: The month and year you started and the month and year you completed that institution.
  • Qualification: The certificate you were awarded with, ie it can be ssce or wassce for the secondary institution type and diploma or degree or master, to the highest level in the tertiary institution type.
  • Proof of qualification: You can’t just write a qualification without any proof to it, you will be required to upload a picture of the qualification your provided. The names on it should also match the names you’ve provided.

8. Employment history section: You are to add employment history to your profile. This is the last step in building your profile.

At this stage, two histories can be added, either you are a teacher in classroom or a teacher in administration. NB: This is employment history so it should include your past and current jobs

  • Institution name: This is the current school you have been employed.
  • Position held: Refers to your position in the school
  • Level: This is about the level you teach or administer, ie Kg, primary,jhs, shs, vocational or other levels
  • You are to tick whether that employment career is you current or not. If it isn’t your current job, you are to provide the year and month you worked in that institution
  • District: That is, the district that you worked at or is currently working at.
  • Proof of employment: There should be proof to show you truly worked or is currently working there. This should be a payslip or an appointment letter.
  • Save at exit.

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