No. of SIMs Connected To Ghana Card Short Code Activated Now

Checking of Number of SIMs connected to your Ghana Card Activated Today.

Our Checks from the short code provided reveal that the system has been activated, and you can check the numbers linked to your Ghana card from your phone from anywhere.

Following reports that some Ghanaians have found out more SIMs have been registered under their name without their knowledge, the NCA has initiated a process to help registered Ghana Card owners know and check the SIM Numbers Connected To Ghana Card.

There are two ways to check this out. These are the use of the Short Code and the Visitation and request for details on your Ghana Card.

To check, you will need the Ghana Card ID which is in the format GHS-XXXXXX-XX

Step1: Enter short code *402*1#

Step 2: Choose Option 1 – CHECK SIMs

Step 3: You will be requested to enter your Ghana CARD ID (Enter the digits)

Step 4: Wait for your Numbers to be revealed.