NEWS IN: NSS Full Registration Process Check Out The Steps.


To check the pin code

1.Go to

2.Click on Check & Pay for Pin Code.

3.Entery our index number & date of birth.

4.Click on search to retrieve your pin code.

Having gotten the PIN CODE, let’s check how to pay the GHC 41 to
activate the PIN CODE.

You can pay the Ghc 41 via MTN USSD METHOD or ONLINE PAYMENT METHOD.


This is always the reliable way to pay the GHC 41.

To pay through online, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to menu
  3. Click on nss portal
  4. Click on CHECK & PAY FOR PIN CODE
  5. ENTER your index number.

Then your date of birth.

  1. Your PIN CODE & other details shall be displayed.
  2. You will be asked to enter your phone number eg. 05422801761
  3. Go to bottom of that page and click on
  4. Click on MTN Mobile Money Web
  5. You will be asked to Enter Phone number from which the GHC 41should
    be deducted.

(You can enter your own phone number. Or you can enter the phone number of another person.

Provided the person has agreed for the GHC 41 to be deducted from his wallet.)

  1. Then go to the bottom of this page and click on
  2. Payment confirmation will be displayed Pay with MTN Mobile Money
  3. At this point, go to your phone and do the approval.

Or if you entered someone else MTN number, inform the person to do the approval on his phone.

Below is how to do the Approval

Dial *170#

Select 6 (My Wallet)

Select 3 (My Approvals)

Enter your Mobile Money PIN

Select 1 (Debit GHC 41)

Choose Option 1 to approve

After the Approval, your Pin code will be activated.


is by using the MTN USSD METHOD Those who use this method sometimes face problems when many people are paying at the same time. BELOW are the steps to pay by the MTN USSD Method.

Step 1. Dial *170#

Step 2. Select 2 (Momo Pay & Pay Bill)

Step 3. Select 2(Pay Bill)

Step 4. Select 5 (General Payment)

Step 5. Enter payment Code

(The payment Code is NSS ‘space’ then type your PIN CODE)

Note: With the payment code, type NSS in capitals then type your NSS PIN CODE.

Don’t forget to bring one space between the NSS & PIN CODE. Eg, {NSS KZRGAP8937419}.

(Your Name shall be displayed as confirmation).

Step 6. Enter the amount which is GHC 41

Step 7. Use NSS as your reference

Step 8. Enter your mobile money PIN. Your NSS Pin code shall be activated after the payment. Having Paid the GHC 41 To Activate the Pin Code, Let’s check how to complete the online registration.


STEP 1. To start the online Registration, go to

Step 2. Go to menu.

Step 3. Click on nss portal.



Step 6. Click on Acess Registration Form.

Step 7. You are to select means of Identification. Click on the drop down menu to select one of the IDs you want to use (Voter’s ID, SSNIT CARD, Driver’s Lincense or Passport).

Step 8. Enter the ID Number & Click on Submit Means of Identification.

NOTICE to those who don’t have any of the compulsory 4 IDs(SSNIT card, PASSPORT, VOTER’s ID & DRIVER’s LINCENSE).

Or those who have but the system cannot verify their IDs.

All such people with ID problems are to select:

I have other ID, verify me at NSS Regional Official.

After selecting I have other ID, verify me at NSS Regional Office.

You will be required to scan & upload any ID card you have such as: NHIS, STUDENT ID, THE GHANA CARD etc.

Before you upload the scanned ID, Resize to width: 380px by Length 260px.

File size shouldn’t be more than 1.5mb. After uploading the scanned ID, the system will allow you to continue the online registration.

With this approach, you will be called to bring the ID card you used to the NSS regional office for manual verification.

Step 9. After entering the ID NUMBER, you will see [person found].

 The imge of the ID card will be displayed but the photo on it will be hidden.

 Click on (Confirm & continue).

 You are to fill all the required personal information.

 Then upload your softcopy photograph

 The Dimensions of the photo should be width: 150px * Length: 200 px.

 Preferably, your photograph should have white background. With size not more than 1mb.

 The registration forms are in pages. When you complete one page, Click on [Save & Continue] to the next page.

 Every question with asterisks (***) is compulsory for you to provide answer before you can continue.

 Any question without asterisks is not compulsory. You can decide not to provide answer.

 Make sure you provide a very accurate personal email address. If you type your email wrongly, you can’t get access to your Appointment Letter.

 You will also provide the following: Residential address, Residential District & Region, Your Town or Community of residence.

 You will be asked whether you have previously done national service before. You are to tick NO.

 Be circumspect when you get to the employment history section. You will be asked whether you are currently employed. Tick NO

 However, those who are currently employed, you will tick YES.

 You will be asked to provide information about your current employer.

You are to also upload documentary proof such as study leave letter or pay slip. NOTE:

The trouser length and GPS address are optional. You can decide not provide answer.

 When you get to the industrial Preference, just select any 3 options from the list.

 You will be asked to select 3 different regions

 After completing the online registration form, click on the PREVIEW to check the accuracy of all the information you have provided.

 If all the information is accurate, click on [SUBMIT].

 You will receive a congratulatory message after the Submission. 

 This congratualatory message will contain your NSS NUMBER so save it.

 You are also to click on [click to print your enrolment summary page] and keep the printout for future reference. Join our whatSapp group for more updates.

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