Problems Arising Concerning The Wearing Of Professional Uniforms For Teachers.


The idea is “out of fashion” and quite insignificant to the upgrade in professional growth of a teacher.

There is an existing dress code for all pre-tertiary teachers and the COS also makes an audacious case for protective clothing allowance.

  1. You don’t need “professional uniforms” to court sympathy for clothing allowance. DCEs, Ministers, and the likes aren’t provided with clothing allowance because they clad in “professional uniforms”
  2. The dynamics and engagement in teaching ie- resources, PTR, grade and age factor, accessibility, etc differ from health, police service, immigration (who are considered as essential services)

Understandably, it’s prudent for the above categories of workers to wear uniforms since their services are not restricted to their confined place of work- for easy recognisation and de-escalation measures.

Additionally, their everyday services mostly cover person(s) who’re not in uniforms.

For teaching, students are already in uniforms so that factor of recognition and identification is already in existence.

Finally, pedagogy and learning engagements informs the type of uniforms teachers wear

~Desmond Allotey-Pappoe

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