NEWS IN: Here Is Why The Payment Of Teachers Professional Allowance Is Delayed Or Not Paid Yet.

Teachers Professional Allowance Is Delayed Or Not Paid Yet.

Concerning the Professional Allowance to be paid to teachers, it didn’t reflect when the validation portal was opened because GES/CAGD is still working on rectifying the anomalies that came with those who are supposed to be on PROFESSIONAL rank but the changes hasn’t been effected on their appointment letter and payslips as of September, 2020(hope you remember quite recently data for Conversion of Non- Professional teachers to Professional was collated and the system needs to be updated so as to get the correct data of all teachers who are Professionals).

This will enable these Professional teachers who now have License Certificates/Numbers or NTC Registered Numbers as applicable to be duly placed on their correct rank and grade in order to merit the 1200 Cedis allocation meant for All Professional Teachers.

If this is done by close of this week,teachers will still get their Professional Allowance (1200 Cedis) as a Nontaxable Allowance aside their October salaries but if not then the CPD (Professional Allowance) will be paid in November, 2020…..From GES PAYROLL UNIT/CAGD