1. Dried ogyama leaves

2. Guava leave

3. Mango stem back

4. Holy basil leaves

5. Prekese

6. ginger

7. cloves

herbs combination used as a tonic. 1 litter of this solution is sold for 10$ and am giving it out for free. The way you like and shear my post for other encourage me to reveal the secret behind herbal medicine so keep on the good work.


I don’t know the condition you are going through right now but trust me, if you fall part in the following mentioned life threatening condition you don’t need to worry yourself anymore. This herbal tonic is going to save you from

1. Urinary tract infection

2. Regular urination

3. Body itches

4. Vagina infection

5. stomach cramp

6. Gonorrhea

7. Vagina yeast

8. Internal pile

And other bacteria infection

How to prepare your own tonics

Get the 7 items mentioned above, Wash them and boil it for about 40min and start taking it 150ml 3x a day for more than 2 weeks.