Mother of transgender singer angry at churches, MPs over LGBTQ+ bill

A pastor’s wife and mother of a transgender singer, Araba Forson, has expressed her disgust at churches rallying behind the passage of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill into law.

According to her, churches that mount opposition against LGBTQI have failed in their duty to show love as Christ instructed. For her, such churches are being judgmental and are no different from the Pharisees and Sadducees in the New Testament.

Speaking with Benjamin Akakpo on the Prime Morning Show, she explained that when Jesus Christ was alive, he showed compassion to sinners and embraced those who were condemned to their fate.

She said she, therefore, does not understand why some churches in Ghana have issued press statements condemning the LGBTQ community and sympathising with the bill to criminalise the act.

In her view, such a posture is insensitive and does not reflect the admonition of Christ on love.

“I see them like the ‘Pharisees and Sadducees’ … Kill him … Kill them … Kill them, because they couldn’t do their job. They said Christ came to save. [He] came to seek and save the lost. He came for sinners. And He loves sinners. So if Christ loves sinners, where is that love?’’, the aggrieved mother quizzed.

In narrating her ordeal as the mother of a transgender, she disclosed that due to the challenges she encountered while raising her child, she visited many prayer centres all to no avail.

This was in addition to her personal hours of fervent prayers and days of prolonged fasting sessions, all of which could not secure the deliverance of her child.

Mrs Forson claimed that after one of her extensive fastings, she heard God say to her that her child was created in the image of Him [God]. It was at this point that she felt at peace about her daughter’s situation.

She, however, intimated that being a mother of a transgender has been a tall order due to the regular stigmatisation, name-calling and insults she and her daughter receive from the public.

But despite the hurdles, Mrs Forson affirmed that for now, she has come to accept her child’s situation and will continue to show her the needed love, care, attention and support.

Born as Maxwell Okyere Opoku, transgender singer Angel Maxine believes that she is a girl who has been trapped in a boy’s body.

According to the singer, this made her very anxious and depressed from the onset, with occasional suicidal thoughts crossing her mind. However, Maxine reiterated that as of now, she has come to accept her fate and no longer resents her orientation and sexual orientation.

Appearing on the Prime Morning Show on Joy Prime, both mother and child expressed sadness about the move by some Members of Parliament (MP) to ensure that a law is passed to criminalise LGBTQ in Accra.

In their opinion, the bill is a hostile consideration that must be discarded and frowned upon.

Meanwhile, some notable orthodox denominations are happy with the bill that seeks to criminalise the act in Ghana, and have thrown their full support in that regard.

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