More enemies than friends – poem

Both the good and evil are accused

Even the evil person has an enemy

An enemy also has an enemy

Just as the enemy of the enemy has an enemy

There seem to be more enemies than friends

Fewer friends than foes

What a world we live in today

When people hate you for no reason

They will go any length to tarnish your image

It takes less time to destroy than to build

Character defamation has become the order of the day

Friends have become foes

All because a friend went to paint another black

The world is full of enemies

Do not take smiles on the surface

The smile may be a camouflage

The truth is in the heart and mind

The human head is not like a pawpaw

For it to be cut open to see the seeds in there,

Fear mankind, fear friends, they may turn out to be

enemies than friends

There are more enemies in this world than friends

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