Life is short – Poem

The wicked are only counting their losses now before they die

To die in Christ is to gain

Every second, death claims a life

Every second someone gets closer to dying

As I write someone may have exited before I bring my poem to an end.

Another might die as soon as you finish reading this

When will death be full and give us some break?

Some die old, others very young

People will die happy others would die sad

The day you are born that same day you begin to die

Life is short – poem

I hear every day without count that life is short

I hear the elderly say life is short

The rich and the poor say life is short

But is life short?

Life is what you make it

You can make it shorter and bitter

or Short but fulfilling

Life is like an egg

If handled well, it would last a long time

But which life is short?

The earthly one or the afterlife

Life on earth here is surely short

Yet some want an early exit

Life in partnership with death is dangerous

You may love your life, if you do, you would lose it and never get it back