License registration: Teachers can now verify information – NTC

If you had problems trying to verify license registration information, there is good news from the NTC. The National Teaching Council (NTC) has now confirmed that Teachers can now verify their information on the portal. It explained that the portal had received very high traffic recently, hence the technical challenges encountered earlier.

Teachers recruited by the Ghana Education Service after September 1, 2018, and who participated in the just-ended licensure examination and license registration can verify their information now on the portal to complete the registration process.

“GES teachers recruited after 1st September 2018 can now verify their information to complete the registration. We are experiencing unusual traffic on the site and working to resolve performance issues,” NTC stated.

The NTC rolled out the ongoing registration as part of its efforts to transform all teachers into professional educators and to ensure teachers who teach in both public and private schools are licensed to practice in the country.

The NTC had warned earlier that, teachers who qualify to register but fail to take the needed action shall lose their right to practice as teachers in Ghana in accordance with section 64 (I) of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020, Act 1023.

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