Kwame Sefa Kayi Was Selected To Interview The President For This Reason, Kwasi Pratt Exposes

A seasoned journalist and owner of Pan African TV Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr has decried the biasness in selecting journalists to interview the President. He made this statement on a political program dubbed ‘Alhaji and Alhaji’ on his TV on Saturday morning monitored by CitizenOne.

The editor of the Insight news paper said he had tried several times to have the opportunity to interview President Akufo Addo but to no avail. While congratulating Kwame Sefa Kayi for drilling the president during a recent interview, Pratt called for a fair selection of journalists when the President is to give audience to the pen and paper people.

He maintained that, although every President would want someone from his camp to engage him in an interview, Mr. Pratt believed it was time Ghana departed from that easy to go kind of interview.

“It is an open secret that President Akufo Addo always grants interview to Journalists who are pro NPP. That is the reason why my brother Sefa Kayi was carefully selected”, he emphasized.

The Chairman General had the opportunity to engage his boss on Thursday on the Kokrokoo morning show.

As expected, the seasoned journalist interviewed the President on his government’s programs and policies. He also asked him about the NPP’s preparedness towards election 2024 as well as his opinions on some comments made by the former President.

Many people lauded the Chairman General for his probing questions despite being an appointee of the same president.

But a few others criticised Sefa Kayi for misleading the president to make a comment which is deemed insultive. During the course of the interview, Sefa Kayi asked the president why he had abandoned various projects initiated by his predecessor. But Nana Addo refuted that claim insisting that he had completed a number of health, education and road infrastructure projects started by John Mahama.

Sefa then asked about a community day senior high school at Aflao and added that the chief had issued an ultimatum to the Government to complete the project on schedule. In his response, the president jovially asked the chief to complete the project if he was frustrated.

This response has earned the first gentleman of the state a lot of criticism. But fact check has revealed that, the Aflao chief did not issue ultimatum to the government as was projected by Sefa Kayi. Many people have suggested Kwame Sefa Kayi should apologize to the President and Ghanaians at large for misleading the President

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