IYF Vice President Highlights Ghana’s Abundant Potential for Youth Prosperity.

Dr. Oh Sei Jae, the Vice President of International Youth Fellowship for West Africa, expressed his belief that Ghana possesses the potential to become one of the world’s wealthiest nations. He highlighted that Ghana stands apart from other global leaders due to its abundant natural resources, which offer numerous opportunities for the youth to prosper.

Dr. Oh Sei Jae encouraged young people to embrace a positive shift in their mindset and actively seize the available opportunities to make a positive impact on society. He conveyed this message during his role as the Guest Speaker at the 2023 National Youth Conference in Accra, an event organized by the National Youth Authority (NYA) and International Youth Fellowship (IYF).

He emphasized that IYF is committed to instilling in young individuals both a challenging mindset and a willingness to share their hearts with others. Dr. Oh Sei Jae pointed out that many societal issues stem from a lack of deep reflection, citing the growing addiction to smartphones and social isolation among youth as examples. IYF aims to promote love among the youth and cultivate a positive mindset that can profoundly influence their lives.

Drawing inspiration from success stories, Dr. Oh Sei Jae mentioned how Southern Arabia, once a barren desert, transformed its fortunes by discovering and exporting oil, leading to economic growth. He also referenced South Korea’s remarkable turnaround from extreme poverty, despite being colonized and resource-poor, by embracing a change in mindset and importing resources to fuel development. Today, South Korea is a global leader.

Dr. Oh Sei Jae remained optimistic that Ghana could achieve a similar transformation if its youth undergo a mindset shift and seize the available opportunities.

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