“I Have Used My Teaching Money To Build 3 Storey Building At Kasoa” Ghanaian Lady In Vietnam Opens Up On Life As A Teacher

A young woman from Ghana who teaches in Vietnam is happy she seized the chance to practice her vocation outside from Ghana’s borders.

Nana Akua Appiah Okyere said in a YouTube interview with Kweku Sikani Abrante that she had no regrets about her choice to relocate to Asia to offer her skills as a teacher and that she had made the correct choice.

Teaching in Asia as a whole is very lucrative. I taught for six years in China, moved to Ghana for three years and I have been here for four months now. For my salary, I earn between $1200 and $1400.

The years Nana Akua spent teaching in Asia, she continued, had not been in vain since she had been able to construct a home in Ghana and launch a few enterprises.

I own a three-storey building at Kasoa as well as a few businesses. For the house, I actually started building it in 2017 and by 2019 I had completed and furnished it.

She urged Ghanaians who were considering moving there to teach to do so.

Watch the video below

Credit ghanakasiebo