How to use papaya (pawpaw) roots to drive away evil spirits, bring favour and grow spiritually.

The almighty God has a purpose for everything he created. It’s Just that we have not fully search into details the powers of God’s creation. Our country is endowed with different kinds of plants and herbs which serves as source food and also provide both spiritual and health benefits to humans.

Unfortunately, we have failed to utilize the available plants and herbs for its intended purposes. We only use herbs and plants when we have no other options to choose. We often rely on orthodox medicine and ignore the use of natural and local product and this could be a reason why there is a widespread of complex sort of illness available in our country

Spiritual Benefit ofย Pawpaw

Aside the fact that papaya can be used to for medicinal purposes, it has also several a spiritual importance which we can all benefit from it. Pawpaw is a spiritually potent fruit. The steps outlined below are how you can use it to enhance your spiritual growth.

1 . This will work on pawpaw that grows in the bush. It won’t work with pawpaw that grows in our homes.

2 . With a sharp knife or cutlass, Cut the root of that pawpaw plant and send it home

3 .Put the root in your bathing water for some reasonable number of hours

4 .Bath with the water every day.

Trust me, this will help sack evil spirit away from you and provides unending protection. It also enhances spiritual growth and drives favour to us. People who are struggling in life should use this direction daily.

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