How to Insert page numbers in MS word.

For Windows

Select Insert > Page Number, and then choose the location and style you want.

If you don’t want a page number to appear on the first page, select Different First Page.

If you want numbering to start with 1 on the second page, go to Page Number > Format Page Numbers, and set Start at to 0.

When you’re done, select Close Header and Footer or press Esc.

For macOS

On the Insert tab, click the Page Number icon, and then click Page Number.

Select a location, and then pick an alignment style. Word automatically numbers every page, except designated title pages.

To change the numbering style, select Format and then choose the formatting you want to use.

Select OK twice to close both dialog boxes.

Tip: To get back to a header or footer to make changes, double-click in the header or footer area.