How important kiss in a relationship

Today we will be talking about the joy of kissing. You
might be wondering Why is Kiss very important in a
Relationship. Kissing is actually very important, it’s very
intimate and it’s one of the most powerful things you
could do to create the kind of neurochemistry that you
had in the beginning of your relationship.
Most couples started out kissing a lot, I also found quite
a few couples that their kissing have really gone down in
frequency, there are some couples that haven’t kissed in
months even in years while there are couples who have
sexual intercourse but they don’t kiss.
Research shows that there is tremendous amount of
connection between the brain and the lips, the research
has shown that kisses cause positive emotional and
neurochemical eects. Some of the neurochemical
eects are increase in oxytocin especially in women and
dopamine and norepinephrine.
Dopamine and norepinephrine are neurochemicals that
make us feel alive and vital and oxytocin is a
neurochemical that makes us feel warm, safe and more
open to connection, it is usually created between a
mother and her baby but it’s also created between
partners and kissing is one of the things that increases

Is kiss really important in a

Kissing is very intimate and I think it’s wonderful when
couples kiss for the sake of kissing and not promoting it
into more sexual activity. I mean they could I’m not
against it, it’s ne but kissing in itself is very intimate, you
know when you kiss someone passionately how you feel
close. It creates a positive intensity in the beginning of a
relationship but as most relationships go on they lose
that positive intensity and they lose it not because the
relationship is faulty but because neurochemicals;
dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin naturally goes
down as time goes on because of the challenges in the
relationship as well as adjusting to each other, so we
need to act and do things in order to raise it.

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