GES in Collaboration with NTC introduces Virtual Refresher Training on Differentiated Learning for teachers to earn Free CPD Points – Register Now

The Ghana Education Service (GES) is taking strides towards advancing the quality of education in the country through its ongoing GALOP project implementation. As part of this initiative, a group of selected teachers, Headteachers, SISOS, and Training Officers recently completed a five-day in-person refresher training on Differentiated Learning (DL).

Building on the success of this in-person training, the GES, in collaboration with the National Teaching Council (NTC), is now introducing a mandatory virtual training for educators from GALOP beneficiary schools who missed the previous training opportunity.

The introduction of blended learning strategies, which seamlessly combine traditional in-person techniques with cutting-edge e-learning modules, underscores the commitment of the GES and NTC to empower educators with modern teaching methods. Through this approach, teachers can harness the full potential of digital tools to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences tailored to the diverse needs of their students.

Elevating Professional Development: Virtual Training Details

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The virtual training on Differentiated Learning (DL) aims to equip educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively cater to the unique learning styles, abilities, and preferences of each student in their classrooms. Participants who successfully complete the training will be rewarded with a maximum of four (4) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, recognizing their dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in teaching.

Registration and Training Process

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To ensure wide participation, Regional Directors of Education are requested to inform their respective Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education, who will then notify eligible teachers, Headteacher, SISO, and Training Officers about the virtual training opportunity. Registration can be completed through the provided link:

Click on the link to register

Once registered, participants will receive an SMS containing a log-in link, which will direct them to the course entry log-in page. The registration deadline is set for Friday, 11th August, 2023, and the virtual training programme is scheduled to commence on Monday, 14th August, 2023. Participants are advised to complete the training before the system closes on Friday, 18th August, 2023.


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