Florence Obinim sends life-changing advice to upcoming musicians

Gospel songstress, Florence Obinim, has advised upcoming artistes to be patient in the music industry so as to become successful in the path they have chosen.

According to her, the road to the industry is a steep one which requires lots of patience and courage.

Using herself as a reference, she said she had no one to mentor her when she began her career, causing her to make avoidable mistakes.

She said it took the efforts and sacrifices of her husband to redirect her into the right path and usher her into success.

Florence is hence, advising upcoming youth to make themselves teachable for destiny changers to do their work.

She also discouraged the idea of offering sexual opportunities for favour and having sexual relations with producers.

The Osoro ne me fie hitmaker reiterated the need for the youth to stay humble since that is the key to success in the music industry.

In an interview on Adom TV’s M’ahyeaseɛ, she disclosed that she has been able to produce eight albums and one ‘single’.

Florence Obinim is the brain behind songs such as Osoro Ne me Fie, Aseda, Okyeso Nyame, Yesu Beba, Agidiba, Okokroko, God Never Fail, among others.

She said she started singing at a tender age and drew inspiration from those in the music industry when she was young and served as a backing vocalist for the legendary singer, Awura Ama Baidoo.