EXCLUSIVE: Renewing Of Teachers License Is Determined By Your Rank And The Point Needed. Every Teacher Should Have At Least 34% Of The TCPD Point. A Must Read By All Teachers (Details)

Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (TCPD) is a systematic and sustained process by which a teacher not only maintains, but also improves and expands his/her professional knowledge, values and skills.

The Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development Framework (‘TCPD Framework’) is designed by the National Teaching Council (NTC) of Ghana and formalises a teacher’s
responsibility and commitment of being a professionally competent and relevant practitioner.

The Framework serves as a guideline for Teachers, Education Directors, Teacher Education Service Providers and other stakeholders on provision of quality teacher training programmes for In-Service Teachers.

The Framework has identified different activities which have been grouped as Mandatory, Ranked Based and Recommended activities. The latter is also grouped into categories based on the complexity nature of the activities and level of involvement of the teacher. This is to ensure consistency
in calculation of and validity in assigning credit points.

Accessing Of Activities

1. Teachers at specific ranks are to access activities from both Mandatory and Ranked Based Trainings. In addition, they are required to select any of the categories within the Recommended Trainings to meet a required TCPD point at that rank in a-3year TCPD cycle.

2. Teachers can also use the teachers’ portal to access TCPD activities from Accredited Service Providers on Demand.

3. In addition, teacher also access trainings from the employer either at the school level through
Professional Learning Communities-PLC (School Based, Departmental Based or Cluster Based)Community of Practice-CoP (Workshop for Heads of Institutions or School Improvement Officers (SIO) or teachers for a particular subject or teachers of a particular class (BS3, BS1, KG2) or teachers
assigned with common roles and responsibilities. Such programmes are mostly supply driven.

The Training program Section And TCPD Points Required by Teachers OnThe designated Rank

Development Partners and NGO’s working closely with the Ministry of Education are also
certified to collaborate with District Education offices to provide supply driven programmes to teachers.

NTC will collaborate with NIB to monitor such trainings to ensure standards are met.

Take Note: Every teacher should have at least 34% of the TCPD points per year.

On the average, teachers at levels where the academic calendar operates for three terms (Trimester) shall have minimum of three supply driven trainings per term making a total of Nine (9) trainings per year and Twenty Seven (27) per the 3-year TCPD cycle. Similarly, teachers at the levels where academic calendar operates for two terms (Semester basis) shall have a minimum of Six (6) supply driven CPDs for a semester, making a total of Twelve (12) per year and 36 per the 3-year TCPD cycle.

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