Donny van de Beek should be banging on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s door, according to Manchester United legend Dimitar Berbatov.

The Bulgarian told Betfair: “He should be banging on the manager’s door and asking ‘what is going on?’

“He should be asking why he’s not playing and what he can do to improve his situation. Then depending on what answers he gets, he can evaluate and do what is necessary.

“He’s only 23, so he’s got lots of football in him and he won’t want to waste any time. It’s an unpleasant situation for the player and hopefully it gets resolved soon.

“He needs a run of games in a row to give him confidence. I can see that his confidence isn’t high at the moment, and that’s normal because when you don’t play you start punishing yourself and ask questions of yourself.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he is starting to look for the exit and nobody will blame him. Something isn’t working.”

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