Dating Tips: How To Stimulate The Clitoris And Leave Her Squirming For More

 Dating Tips: How To Stimulate The Cl!toris And Leave Her Squirming For More

Every person walking this planet wants to know how to wow their partner in bed. But when it comes to pleasing a woman, many men fall short. I’m not saying it’s their fault. It hasn’t been until recently where we started to talk about female pleasure, You want to blow your partner’s mind in bed. But the ultimate is, you must know how to stimulate the clitor!s. Though the clitoris may look small and insignificant, it’s one fierce body part that everyone should know.

 Are you up for the challenge?

1 Do a little read-up on the clitoris

If you don’t know much about the cl!toris, you should research it. Find out where the clitor!s is and learn about why it’s such a crucial part of the female body. By knowing the basics, you’ll be able to work off of it and not feel like you’re going into the situation.

2 Talk about it with your partner

Perhaps the way you’ve stimulated your past partner won’t work the same for your current partner. Or maybe you’ve never stimulated a clitor!s before, and you’re nervous. These are perfectly normal situations. So, why not talk about it with your partner, maybe she can help you out.

3 Watch how she does it

You may be a little nervous or unsure of what she likes, and if that’s the case, why don’t you watch your partner masturbate. As she touches herself, you’ll be able to see what she likes, that is, if she’s someone who practices masturbation. If she is, you don’t need to focus on what she enjoys.

4 Keep it simple

You don’t need to perform a circus show to impress her. What many people do is try to incorporate some fancy technique or do something out of the ordinary to impress their partner. But, keeping it simple will take you much further. Then, once you become more comfortable with stimulating the clitor!s, you can experiment with new techniques and see how it goes.

5 Practice oral s3x

There are a couple of ways you can stimulate the clitor!s: with fingers, through penetration, and oral s3x. We’re focusing on the latter. Oral s3x is a great way to stimulate the clitor!s and is even more effective than finger!ng. The beauty is you can incorporate finger!ng and oral s3x together, which will blow your partner’s mind.

6 Use pressure

Whether it’s your fingers or tongue, use pressure when stroking the clitor!s. Always start off light and work your way up the levels of pressure. You’ll need to watch your partner’s reaction and see what pressure they enjoy the most. After you nailed down the pressure, use different strokes to pleasure the clitor!s.

Dating TipsDating Tips: How To Stimulate The Cl!toris And Leave Her Squirming For More

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