Couple serves ‘gari soaking’ to guests at wedding reception (video)

Of late, weddings have become a competition to the extent that people would go above and beyond to buy expensive things to please guests after which left with huge debts to start their married life with.

However, a yet-to-be-identified couple chose to cut their coat according to their cloth. Guests who attended the marriage event were served with gari, groundnut and soft drinks at the reception.

A video circulating on social media shows some guests gathered around the table and enjoying bowls of gari and groundnut while music plays in the background.

Twitter user, @jefe_says who posted the video on the microblogging site captioned it: “Couple serve gari and groundnut to guests.”

Meanwhile, in another news, a groom has warmed the hearts of many people after he carried the twin sister of his bride who has a disability to the wedding ground like a baby.