Combo Drink

Remember this Combo Drink for help

Detox drink (after Junk food)

Cleansing (Infection )

Cease Cycle (Mensuration)

weight loss ( for Some)

lower sugar level (for some)

increase Libido (for some)


Get the Four Spices, Peel and Soak for 24hrs or 48hrs Maximum, drink early morning and Evening..

Natural Food is Cheap and Healthiest but its always been ignored because is Cheap, and its been remembered when Serious health issue rises..

Apply caution when taking this drink

Moderation is the Key

Ulcer Patient, Nursing Mum, Pregnant Mum

Please Stay away

Side Effect is Perceived Garlic Odor meaning after Drinking this drink you may smell garlic and girlcation for a while..

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