Check your ‘tone’ next time you address ‘His Excellency’ – Okoe Boye to Aflao chief

Former Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye has chided the paramount Chief of Aflao Togbui Fiti for giving government an ultimatum on the completion of an abandoned E-Block project.

According to Okoe Boye, the Chief used the wrong tone in his demand hence the President is justified in responding ‘sternly’.

Mr. Okoe Boye said the Chief must show respect and desist from giving ultimatums because under NDC he never gave ultimatums he rather begged.

He was speaking on Newsfile

“If you are a chief and the project is not going the way it is supposed to go, the tone and the way you speak is not supposed to give ultimatums… It is important for us to be honest on this matter. The Chief said I have been going to Accra to beg. He used the word begging because then he knew there was competition for resources. As MP I also begged because it is competition. So he should show respect. But he is giving government ultimatum.

“… He went begging John Mahama because he knew there was competition. How come when power change you give ultimatum …you don’t talk like that?

When Newsfile host told Dr. Oko Boye the Chief referred to the Minister and not the President, the former MP said the Minister acts on behalf of the President and to give him an ultimatum is to give the President same.

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