CAGD Third-Party Reference System (TPRS)-Its benefits to workers

Here are the Advantages of the CAGD Third-Party Reference System (TPRS)
The Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD), after introducing the Third-Party Reference System (TPRS), has come up with an uncountable number of advantages for public sector workers. Under this system, double deductions for associations are not feasible. Among other merits are;

With this method, automatic membership in any teaching union is no longer required.
Colleague teachers who steal others’ pay stubs to take out loans are not allowed to do so under this system.
Teachers who do not find any value in any of the Ghana Education Service’s associations can choose to work alone, with no dues deducted from their wages.
Welfare, which is mandated at the district and regional levels, cannot be implemented using this computerized platform.
Association leaders who collude with staff at the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to make random deductions for such associations while the teachers being deducted have not filled out any form to join the association are ineligible to do so under this method.
Newly qualified teachers will not have their pay deducted for any organization unless they provide that organization legal approval to do so.
Without the agreement of the instructor involved, no insurance business, Hire Purchase Company, Non-Bank Institutions, Credit Unions, or others can have their deductions on the payslip of any teacher.
Having a teacher’s Staff ID and the name is meaningless under this system.
On their knees, Innovative Teachers, GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT will be pleading with teachers to join their organizations.
Any organization that takes instructors for granted when the programs begin this year, perhaps in November, risks extinction.
In accordance with section 70 (a, b, c, and d) of the Labour Act 2003, teachers have been given the right to offer a written authorization note to allow any reduction in their payslips. Deductions that are permitted.
(a) any amount payable from the employee for payments to any provident, pension, or other fund or scheme to which the employee has consented;

(b) any financial assistance provided by the employer to the worker upon written request, or any assistance provided by the employer to the worker;

(c) any remuneration provided to the worker in error by the employer in excess of what the worker is legally entitled to;(d) any amount due from the worker as a membership fee or donation to an organization in which the worker is a member, on the worker’s written authority;

The above are some benefits of the CAGD TPRS that will be enjoyed by workers especially teachers.

source; educandghana

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