BREAKING! NDC Provides Latest Update On The Number Of Votes John Mahama Had In The 2020 Election; Read Details

Joseph Ade Coker, former Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), says the party has compiled the results of the 2020 general election against reports within and outside the party that such records don’ t exist

Speaking on the Accra- based Joy News monitored by Scooper News on Tuesday, April 20, Ade Coker said those figures had been made available to the party’ s Council of Elders at a recent retreat in Ho.

His comments came from a recent interview with NDC Council of Elders, Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor, whose views on the unavailability of the collected results he (Ade Coker) described as deliberate.

” We have the results compiled. I am amazed that Dr. Kumbuor, being a member of the Council of Elders, has failed or has not asked the Executives to be accountable to the Council of Elders. If the Council of Elders is so interested in the numbers, they would have asked. Just don’ t go and say that the party doesn’ t have the figures. ” – He said.

He continued: ” The grassroots of the party have not come to tell National Executives that we must reach out to the public and release our figures. There are structures in the party where everyone must follow over the weekend, there was a laid out and everything we need to know within the party was made available to us. ” – He said.

The NDC during the 2020 election petition in the Supreme Court did not present independently compiled figures; Instead, the party prayed to the court to force the Electoral Commission to allow them to inspect their documents. The court rejected their request even when a group within the party insisted that the party needed to publish its figures if it had any.

Kunbuor became the latest senior NDC member to claim the numbers were a mystery during an interview on the Joy News program, PM Express.

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