Its for protection,

1. Pound garlic only and add it to your bathing water anytime you want to take your bath it will protect you from spiritual attacks.

2 Removing badluck and evil course.
mix sea salt and garlic and bath with it for 7 days

3 Eating garlic can grow you spiritually

4 To attract good luck mix pound garlic and bay leaf and boil it together add it to your bathing water and drink little from it

5 To spoil any charm pound garlic and mix it with sea salt and your early morning urine sprinkle it anywhere you suspect charm.

6 Daily bathing with garlic can keep witches far from you both day time and at night.

7 if you want to speak with any evil person. eat garlic and meet with the person face to face and nothing will happen.

8, Burn the back of garlic once in a while to confuse your enemies.

9 Keep garlic under your pillow at night to chase away evil spirit and witches from pressing you

Garlic is very powerful spiritually don’t look down on it!!