Let us tell you a few words about the benefits of unripe pawpaw itself. There are at least seven reasons why you should consider eating this fruit in its unripe form.

This green fruit:

Promotes wound healing;

Reduces the risk of you developing a heart condition;

Can ease the pain during menstruation;

Increases lactation;

Reduces the signs of the skin aging;

Can be a great help in infection treatment;

Improves digestive health and many protect

Now, there is no one way to make unripe pawpaw water, and its benefits actually depend on the way you make it. You can use the fruit itself, the young leaves or even the roots of the plant to make this wonderful remedy.

For instance, unripe pawpaw soaked in water can help with stomach ulcers, impotence, ulcer and jaundice.

To help with the first two problems, cut up the unripe pawpaw, boil it in water (seeds and all) and leave for two days. After that filter out the liquid and drink half a glass two or three times a day (two for treating impotence, three for stomach ulcer).

To help with the other two problems, cut up the unripe pawpaw and soak it in water for several days. Drink half a glass of the water three times a day in both cases.

Unripe pawpaw juice can also be beneficial for you. Just mix it with an equal amount of honey, and then you can put two spoons of this mix in water and drink it 2-3 times a day to get rid of stomach ache. If you infuse some water with yellow pawpaw leaves and drink half a glass of this drink three times every day,

You can treat malaria or protect your immune system against it. By squeezing some pawpaw leaves into a glass of water, you can create a quick relief for constipation.

The liquid from the pawpaw roots can be helpful against cough. Just chew on the roots every three hours to alleviate the unpleasant feeling in your throat. If you want to prevent the development of kidney stones, take some pawpaw roots, boil them in water and then strain.

Mix this pawpaw root water with some honey and drink twice a day for a week. As you can see, there are lots of unripe pawpaw benefits, and pretty much every part of this fruit, including roots and leaves, can be useful for something. A word of warning: pawpaw should not be consumed while it is still green during pregnancy, or by young children. Otherwise, it should be safe, but if you have doubts, consult your doctor.

So go out and get yourself some unripe pawpaw to enjoy its many advantages.

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