African proverbs and meanings: Master how to use them

Africa proverbs well-crafted sentences that contain dep seated knowledge and meaning. Below are some of these well-preserved African proverbs with their meanings and when to use them.

African proverbs and meanings

Proverb: The lion lives in the forest, but the antelope also gives birth to its young one in the same forest.

Meaning: Despite all the dangers and calamities of this world, humans continue to live in it.
Usage: This is used to encourage the weak in life not to give up.

Proverb: A truckload of goods is removed one after the other.
Meaning: There is no worry i laugh that cannot be dealt with, slowly but surely, it will be dealt with.
Usage: It is used to caution those who are in a hurry in life.

Proverb: A bird chips like a bird.
Meaning: This must and are to be done according to one’s abilities.
Usage: This is a proverb for those who want to do things that are above their capabilities.

Proverb: The Crab says walking sideways does not mean he has lost his way.
Meaning: A crab never walks straight but that does not mean that he does not where he is going.
Usage: This wise saying is forever body who knows where he or she is heading towards in life.

Proverb: A river carries dead fishes downstream but the living travel upstream.
Meaning: Right-thinking people do not just follow the crowd. It is the lazy; never do wells that follow blindly.
Usage: This proverb is for politicians and their opponents.

Proverb: Fat cannot finish from the shell of a crab.
Meaning: Even if the eye cannot see the fat in a crab’s shell, some might be in a corner somewhere.
Usage: This proverb is for rich people who have become poor.

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