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This blog was founded in October 3rd by Felix Adu Sarfo who is a Teacher.

At kofiadutv.com we are very passionate about technological news and discoveries.

This blog basically serves visitors with latest,discovered and all news around the world. I dedicate my work to educate, inspire, and empower our readers; students, adults, researches and the general public with frequent updates and high quality information.

I believe that  my clientโ€™s well-being is the best measure of my performance.

Itโ€™s easier and simple to access information freely online with the advancement in technology at any time anywhere instead of driving long hours to go to libraries and be combing through several books for a piece of information.


To become the best news platform in empowering and educating our readers frequently through constant update of vital issues across the globe.


To give visitors and the general public  latest news to promote, improve quality of life through constant update of vital information.