? THE FINANCE FOCUS ? The following are why your ID will be needed before performing any transaction using MTN

Kindly find below some few questions and answers on MTN MoMo new directive on cash-out transactions, starting April 2, 2021.

Question 1.
Why would I need my ID card to withdraw funds effective 2nd of April, 2021

ANSWER: To safeguard your funds and be sure you are the owner of the wallet at the agent point doing the withdrawal or cash out and also to fulfil regulatory requirement.

Question 2.
What are the acceptable IDs in order to successfully Cash Out at an Agent Point?

ANSWER: Valid Acceptable ID cards are as seen below
• Ghana Card
• Driver’s License • Passport
• voter’s ID
• NHIS card

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Question 3.
Do I need the exact ID that was used in registering my Mobile Money Account to Cashout?

ANSWER: No, you do not necessarily need to use that ID but any of the acceptable IDs in your name in order to cash out at an agent point.

Question 4.
Would an expired ID be accepted at the Agent point even though it is in my name?

ANSWER: No, An expired ID will not be accepted at the agent point.

Question 5.
In the absence of my physical ID, will my digital ID be accepted as a medium to successfully Cash out?

ANSWER: No.We currently accept only Physical ID.

Question 6.
How do I Confirm if my Mobile Money Account is Registered in my Name?

ANSWER: Dial * 170#, Select Option 6 “My Wallet”, Select Option 10 “Name and Next of KIN” to check the details of the Account.

Question 7
How do I correct the details [Name] on my Mobile Money Account if not in my name?

ANSWER: Kindly visit any of our nearest Service Center for assistance.

Question 8.
Can any close relative with my Valid ID assist to perform Cash out on my behalf?

ANSWER: No, we do not encourage Proxy, therefore you can not give your ID card and Phone to some one to Cash out on your behalf.

Question 9.
If I am sick and incapacitated but need to access my funds what do I do?

ANSWER: The person acting on your behalf will need to visit our service center with a letter from the medical institution with the details of the doctor, copy of your ID, as well as the valid ID of the person acting on your behalf. NB: The letter is
only acceptable when its written on the hospital’s letter head.

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